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Hey y’all just wanted to give y’all an update on the mods I have going on right now, I ordered the Dre carbon HKS intake as oppose to waiting for the HKS cold air intake? What y’all thoughts or insight on that for anyone that is knowledgeable with that. Always decided to upgrade my turbo from stock OEM to the “Pure Turbo 800” any I would like to get thoughts on that. Thx guys🤙🏼
Waiting patiently for my Supra to get done at the shop. I got some mods done, boost pipe, hks catback exhaust system, with the down pipe from autowerke’s and an DTE control box with paddle box just to name a few
Hope you guys don't mind - we updated your avatar and signature to reflect your logo and website. :) Now when you post a thread or a reply it will be displayed for all to see.
I really like these in black. What plans do you have for your car?
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The black looks so good! I'd like to do a down pipe and a tune pretty quick and unlock that easy power potential. Though I am waiting to see what the community produces for mods before I start anything. Attempting to be patient haha.