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What makes SupraTribe different?

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SupraTribe.com was obviously not the first online community launched for the A90 Supra platform. You probably noticed a few forums pop up long before the car was even given the green light for production, which is a fairly common occurrence these days. While all of the other Supra forums hope to capitalize on the platform by growing a community around the Supra and charging sponsorship fees to aftermarket companies who want to promote themselves in this market. SupraTribe.com, we will be doing things differently. Our focus will mostly be on the aftermarket side of things, though we aim to offer content that all Supra enthusiasts will benefit from and enjoy, and we will get Supra owners and aftermarket companies who are doing product development to post content as well.

So how are we different than the other Supra communities?

Our plan is to foster an atmosphere where the focus is on two main elements - the first is allowing aftermarket product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to freely talk about the products they are offering for this platform to help bring more awareness to all aftermarket options and promote the modifying of the A90 Supra, without being forced to pay an advertising fee to do so. We will also share news about various shops who are developing products for this platform. This will be a big departure from the typical forum model we've all been used to for decades, where those companies wound be required to pay an advertising fee before they can talk about their offerings and post technical content for the community to benefit from. This tends to push aftermarket companies away from the forums. We want to create an open dialogue between Supra owners and the aftermarket companies to help foster a constructive and open atmosphere to drive the aftermarket forward.

Feel free to invite any aftermarket companies you know of who are focusing their efforts on this platform to come in and openly share information about their efforts, without having to first pay an advertising fee to do so. We want them to be active here, sharing information about their products and interacting with the Supra owners. We feel that having more aftermarket companies involved will also help bring about more accurate technical information and reduce the spread of unverified information. We don't need anymore misinformation floating around than there already is! Help us create an archive of all the aftermarket products being made for the A90 platform.

The second element we'll be focused on is showcasing vehicle profiles where Supra MKV owners document their modification progress and their builds through build threads. This isn't a new concept but we plan to offer some unique features that will hopefully make it easier for owners to do this, including Timeslip and Dyno lists. We want Supra owners to document as much as they can here on the site so others can easily find and reference that information later, as where when it posted on Facebook and Instagram, it gets buried, never to be seen again after a week. Our mission is to help promote the MKV Supra aftermarket in a way that benefits the Supra community in the long run.

We need you, the Supra owner (and the aftermarket company who is developing parts for the Supra) to join the site and participate. Help us achieve our vision by creating an account and documenting your modifications, creating and updating your Vehicle Profile and build thread, sharing information about new products you find in the market, and posting relevant MKV news and updates whenever you can.

Why not a Facebook Group instead?

So why a forum and not a Facebook group? We realize a lot of people are addicted to Facebook these days. And though it is very simple to participate on FB and in FB groups, the reality is that social networks are having some very subtle yet very significant negative impacts on the automotive enthusiast community. The most alarming is the reduction in archived information that can easily be referenced later. As more people move towards posting quick updates about their cars on social networks and asking technical questions on FB, far less technical information gets chronicled in forums that others in the community will benefit from for years to come. Posting that information in FB groups is like posting it in a black hole, where any valuable responses to the post get buried and lost forever. How many good posts have you come across on FB over the years that you have no way of finding today?

Forums act as a gathering place where like minded individuals (in this case, car enthusiasts) go to discuss and celebrate the one thing we all have in common - as where social networks have no specific focus, which is why you see the chaos and toxic environments that have taken hold everywhere on FB. And the FB groups suffer from many of the same issues that have plagued forums for years - repetitive questions, trolling, lack of quality moderation, and misinformation are abundant. And unfortunately, the way FB structures the replies make it impossible to address most of those issues. Not to mention that anyone can create a group, which further fragments the technical information even more - which of the 10 FB groups you're a member of did you see that discussion you're looking for? Good luck with that! And then there's the fact that Facebook can delete any group at any time, and all of the technical information posted in it, for any reason (or no reason) whatsoever.

Help keep the auto enthusiast world going strong, use forums instead of Facebook!

We urge you to post your technical knowledge, your build updates, and your specialized content in a forum like this, as opposed to posting it on social networks like Facebook.

We invite you to be part of a new type of online community. Help us spread the word and bring in more Supra MKV owners to help us achieve something cool.




Basic SupraTribe community rules:

We ask that all members be respectful, add value with the content they post, avoid trolling, and avoid spreading misinformation. Report all questionable behavior to a moderator using the REPORT button next to the posted content instead of confronting it yourself.

No personal attacks. Report it to a moderator, do not reply to it. This means that you are not to insult, harass, belittle, threaten, accuse, or spread slander about another member, non-member, shop, website, organization, etc - either directly or indirectly. This applies to all public and private posts in all sections of the site, including private messages. If you come across a post that violates this policy, report it to a moderator instead of replying with a message that would also violate this policy.

If you have a complaint about an experience with an aftermarket company don't disrupt discussions taking place where the company is involved (or mentioned) just to bring attention to your complaint. Start a thread about it separately and post facts, with as much supporting evidence as possible - no hearsay and no personal attacks. If you are an aftermarket company and have a negative situation with a customer, do your best to handle it privately. Post a professional rebuttal if needed, but try and take it offline.

No Trolling. A "troll" is a person who posts content for the sole purpose of baiting someone into a hostile confrontation - they do this for entertainment and/or to get attention. It can be blatant or subtle. Do not reply to troll-like messages. If you come across a troll-like post, just report it and move on.

No offensive or not-work-safe content is allowed. Other things to avoid posting here include: politics, religion, nudity, hateful terms, drugs, street racing, illegal activities, etc. This is a place for auto enthusiasts to celebrate the MKV Supra and automobiles in general, let's stick to what brings us together and avoid all of the other hot button subjects.

One account per person. Each person is responsible for all content posted using their account. If your account is banned, do not try and register a new account.

Spam Policy: we have a slightly different take on the term "spam" than other online communities. If an aftermarket company posts useful information about Supra MKV products or services they offer, or are asking the community for market feedback, we will allow that - in fact we encourage it. However, if a member submits a post about a random product or service that is completely unrelated to the Supra MKV platform in an effort to lure users away from this site for some commercial gain, that's not allowed. Those types of posts should be reported.


Why make this MKV community your home?

There are other MKV forums and countless FB groups out there. Why choose this community as your communal hub? In short, we plan to do things differently in an effort to help push the platform to new heights for everyone involved - both MKV owners and MKV aftermarket companies.

1. Our relationship with the MKV aftermarket is different

The other forums out there that cater to this platform (and just about all automotive platforms) use something of a traditional forum blueprint - grow a large audience and then charge aftermarket companies who make parts for that vehicle an advertising fee to promote their products to that audience. While this model is VERY common, it has its drawbacks. We won't force aftermarket companies who make parts for the MKV to pay to participate here. Here's why:

First off, it tends to prevent some people from participating who would otherwise be extremely valuable assets in the community. Sometimes the people with the most technical knowledge of the platform are the companies doing R&D on the car for product design. Forcing them to pay to share their knowledge and experience ends up working against the community in some cases. If they don't pay to advertise, the community could (and often does) miss out on some valuable expertise.

Forcing them to pay also creates a heightened expectation on their end. Their participation must now also generate a solid and steady ROI. And while that might also be true if they were not being charged a fee, it sets the expectation that much higher, and the ROI isn't necessarily always going to be there when an advertising fee is involved. Inviting them in to participate as valuable members, freely, is good for the MKV owner in the long run.

Let's be honest, MKV owners want to be kept up to date on what new products are hitting the market for their cars, and they enjoy getting educated on the processes behind the product development. Why should they be limited to only the product news from paying advertisers? We want all the big names in the aftermarket (as well as the lesser known ones) in here sharing information about their products to help you make better decisions about your modification plans. Not having aftermarket companies involved leads to more speculation posts and misinformation that could otherwise be quelled if they were invited to participate freely. We've all grown tired of misinformation in forums and on social media. It's one of the biggest complaints in online communities.

Aftermarket companies also tend to be more open to offering discounts and special pricing for members when they aren't being forced to pay a fee an advertising fee. If they are trying to recoup their advertising investment, why would they also go and offer a member discount that would eat deeper into their profit margins? Our approach should also turn into more opportunities for price breaks.

2. Our unique community features

SupraTribe will continue to implement unique features not found in other run-of-the-mill forums. For instance, when you create a "vehicle profile" here on SupraTribe for your MKV, that profile is listed in your signature automatically whenever you post in the forums here. No need to have a long signature with all of your car's info - you can house it all in your vehicle profile - which you can also share with others on other sites and social platforms easily.

We are also working on plans for other features and enhancements that we look forward to announcing soon.

3. SupraTribe is not owned by a large corporation

Most of the automotive forums out there have been acquired by one of two massive forum networks (AutoGuide/Vertical Scope and Internet Brands). You've probably visited one of their sites before. Many of the original founders of those forums sold their website and assets to one of those two networks. In most cases those networks end up killing the site's spirit and the member participation drops off dramatically over time. All technological advancements and innovative enhancements in the forums they own usually slow to a halt, outside of the advertising systems. And the changes they do make are usually questionable from a member's point of view.

SupraTribe is independently owned and operated and there is no plan to grow the site and sell it off to a large network that will destroy it. Keeping things small allows us to maintain a strong focus on our mission and our connection with our members. Our focus is on quality, not quantity.

How you can help this community thrive

Our goal is to foster an environment where Supra MKV owners, enthusiasts, and companies that cater to this platform can interact and share information and content in a way that pushes the platform to new heights. We will employ a different philosophy and unique features to help accomplish this. But we will need your help to make it all work.

If you are an MKV Supra Owner -

Participate! Create an account, upload an avatar, post new threads, reply to threads posted by others, create and update a vehicle profile for your A90, share any new aftermarket news you come across, be active on a regular basis - actively contribute content that will draw other Supra owners in to engage with. And equally important, invite other Supra owners in to join and participate here. Become an ambassador for this community.

If you have a complaint about an experience with an aftermarket company you are welcome to share it here. We ask that you do so responsibly and in a way that is reasonable and appropriate.

If you own (or are employed by) a company that makes Supra MKV parts -

^^^ same as above. Share information about your company and the products you're developing for the platform. Post as much exclusive content here as you can - no advertising fees required to do that on this site. Post tutorials, testing results, shop/customer achievements, development plans, content from events, etc. Instead of posting those things on FB or IG, post them here for the community to engage with as much as possible. You can always post threads here and then share those threads on social media to expand your reach. Make this your central hub for all of your shop's MKV media and announcements. The A90 owners will definitely appreciate it.

If you have a negative situation with a customer, do your best to handle it privately. Post a professional rebuttal if needed, but try and take it offline. Please do not request that the complaint be removed unless it is disrupting an existing discussion or it is obvious to everyone reading it that it is untrue or a personal attack. If you screwed up, own up to it and move on. We want this to be a safe environment for aftermarket companies, but we also have to be unbiased. Some members will want to voice their support or their complaints about vendors here.

We hope to earn you as a member and work together to build something great in the MKV world - something different than what's out there now.
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