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Titan Motorsports and the MKV Supra - A Perfect Match


When the MKV Supra finally hit the production line there was no doubt that Titan Motorsports would be offering parts for the platform. Their copper colored A80 Supra drag race car has become a legend over the years. Every die hard Supra enthusiast knew that no amount of controversy surrounding the BMW/Toyota partnership was going to get in the way of Titan’s embracing of the new A90 platform. And as it turns out, they were right.

Titan Motorsports came to be after Nero Deliwala purchased his first MK4 Supra and lost a few races. He, along with his brother Bottle, began to modify the car to make it faster with the goal of not losing another race. It was soon decided that they were going to open a business to help fund future races, track expenses, and give back to their friends in the community. Nearly twenty years later they’re still driven by the same goal - to win races and be the fastest.

Making more power and making cars faster down the track has always been a big part of Titan’s DNA. The company is made up of some great people who are passionate about motorsports. Everyone from the sales staff, fabrication team, manufacturing and tuning has a say in what goes on in the company. The shop is active on various social media platforms and community forums, which, as we all know, is a great source of insight into what the market wants and expects.

A big part of Titan Motorsports’ success comes from their R&D process and capabilities. Bottle and Nero will be the first ones to praise their team for their success - “our team is what makes a lot of this possible for us”. Bottle goes on to describe their process - “We always begin with 3D models to confirm fitment and gauge what metal is best for the job. Test pieces are then made and once they pass our tests, the parts go into production. Our first production batch always goes back through the same quality control to confirm they are perfect before they hit the market.”


Why is all of this important? Because when you buy parts for a new car like the MKV, you want to feel confident in those parts, especially if they are a key component for performance. Titan has been building cars for 20 years and has built up an amazing reputation of building fast cars and making great parts.Their staff offers top notch support in the community. They walk their customers through each project to make sure the customer has the right knowledge and is provided the best parts to fit the build. And that’s something you won’t find everywhere.


Titan has a growing list of products in R&D that are to be released soon. Their goal is to really dive deep into the potential of the A90 chassis, find all of its bugs and create parts that will address those bugs. A few products they are preparing for release for the MKV Supra (or have recently released) include a plug and play Flex Fuel Kit featuring E85 safe line and a GM sensor, a Meth Injection Kit, and a Seat Bracket kit for use with aftermarket seats. These parts will certainly complement their existing line up of performance A90 boost pipes, exhaust systems, suspension parts, and other offerings already available on their e-commerce site.

(A90 Supra Flex Fuel Kit)

(A90 Supra seat brackets)

We asked Titan Motorsports what advice they would give to new MKV owners looking to modify their vehicles. Bottle says “The MKV might have similarities to other chassis currently on the market, but don’t be fooled. It is an entirely different animal. We’re learning that it doesn’t take much to build this into a competitive race car regardless of what track you’re at. The market is just beginning to dig into this car’s capabilities and limits, it’s going to continue to evolve in the coming year.” Before you go creating a parts list, be sure to give them a call ;)

Keep an eye out for Titan Motorsports to continue doing big things with the MKV platform. We’re told they will keep pushing the limits and will continue supporting MKV owners who have plans of racing their Supras. “We love being involved in the race community, and all corners of motorsports. We provide parts to customers worldwide, and there is nothing that makes our days better than getting that message from your customer with a picture of their trophy they won at a race because they had the help of our team. Titan Motorsports wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of the motorsports communities around the world.”

Be sure to follow the Titan Motorsports shop car builds here (click the Watch link to get updates) and subscribe to the build threads:


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