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MAPerformance A90 Catback Exhaust Preview


Aftermarket Company
Hey Everybody!


Daelen from Maperfromance here, and I would like to give the forum a sneak peak at our upcoming Catback exhaust we have been working on for a few months now. Working with our media team here to get a proper sound clip video all set up, but with the current situation we may be a little bit out on that, you will be the first to have it though!



Owners demand performance and performance is enhanced by decreasing the energy and effort that is required for exhaust gasses to pass through a system. To reduce restrictions, we used 3.5” inch diameter 304 stainless steel tubing in both round and over to offer the highest possible ground clearance, while making sure it would support the power that the B58 engine can produce

We have brought a few unique features to our system that we are not only very proud of, but also feel they bring a great benefit to our customers. As noted above nearly the entire system is 3.5" Stainless tubing, and the main pipe from the downpipe back is designed to be as free flowing as possible to offer the least restriction with no reduction in size or mufflers in the way. The next is going to be our utilization of a Stainless Steel 3.5" exhaust valve that will work with the factory motor, and interior buttons and retain the sport mode features our customers love. With the valve open, you have a nearly straight pipe 3.5" full single system that will support the needed power goals of most customers. Once that valve is closed, we have optimized the design to route the exhaust flow into a high quality muffler that will quickly dampen the sound and bring the system back down to slightly above stock sound levels making it the perfect "Do it all" catback. With a simple and sleek design we feel it not only is one of the highest performing but also one of the best looking systems on the market.



What you can control, in house, ultimately dictates the quality of the final product. Few other companies use in-house mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, but we do. Even though our state of the art mandrel bender is CNC programmed, we even go a step further to measure the accuracy of each bend upon completion. From there, we carefully mock up our exhausts on our custom-built in-house jigs to ensure the most accurate fitment possible. Next, our expert fabricators TIG weld each flange and joint with their superior back-purging techniques to ensure each weld lasts as long as the life of the car, while never leaking. Finally, each weld is inspected for imperfections before being sent off to our shipping department for shipment around the globe!

Made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel our A90 Toyota Supra catback is a rare find. Most exhaust systems on the market are made from an inferior 409 Stainless and are prone to surface rust over time. Designed with performance and longevity in mind we're certain anyone in the market for a A90 Toyota Supra catback will be extremely pleased with the performance gains and exhaust sound of this system.



When it comes to the A90 Toyota Supra catback exhausts, few things matter as much as sound. Other companies design an exhaust for performance and fitment, but the resulting tone simply becomes the result. Here at Modern Automotive Performance, we take care to focus on the little details in order to bring out the best in each and every catback we build.

That's just part of what makes the Modern Automotive Performance A90 Toyota Supra Catback special. Of course, the sound it creates is nothing to shy away from either. You'll get an aggressive, throaty roar with the addition of a few extra ponies.

A unique feature of the Modern Automotive Performance A90 Toyota Supra Catback, is the offering of Multiple Options when it comes to the sound of our system. Every unit will come with the option to run it in the full 3.5" exit mode with the valve open offering the most flow, but then also utilizing the factory sport mode and motor you can close that valve and get that OEM+ sound when needed or wanted.

As always if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out! Either comment here, shoot us a PM, call 1-888-MAPERFORMANCE, or shoot us an email at: Sales@maperformance.com and we will be more than happy to help!


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