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Kelford Cams


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Kelford Cams Supra Mk 5 B58

From the website:

258-A Camshaft Set USD $1,695.00
264/268 Degrees advertised duration. 9.50mm/10.40mm lift.
Stage1 Upgrade to suit bolt on parts, 550-750hp engines. Must have valve spring upgrade.

258-B Camshaft Set USD $1,695.00
285/280 Degrees advertised duration. 9.65mm/10.60mm lift.
Stage2 Cams, suited for built engines running 850-1000hp. Great with aftermarket plenums. Can run using full Valvetronic system or locked in full open position when using an aftermarket throttle body. Must use KVS58-BT spring kit.

258-C Camshaft Set USD $1,695.00
288/288 Degrees advertised duration. 9.65mm/10.80mm lift.
Stage3 Drag Cams, 1200hp+. Great when using alcohol based fuels and big boost. Recommended locking the Valvetronic system at 100% swing, must use aftermarket intake plenum with single throttle. Suited to professional built engines. Must use KVS58-BT spring kit.

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