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Cusco MKV Supra Seat Braces


Cusco has announced seat braces for the A90 Supra.
Connects the rear left and right side of the seat rail to reduce body twist. In addition, it is equipped with an anchor which enables mounting the waist belt of 4 or more point seat belt.
Blue high-strength steel. Bolt-on installation.
When using a seat belt, install it according to the instruction manual. The anchor of this product does not support JAF official competitions. Please check the competition rules when participating in the competition.
If the seat is at the front position, it may interfere with the wiring connector under the floor.
Product Number: 1C2-492-SPR

cusco-seat-braces-mkv-supra-tribe.jpg cusco-seat-braces-mkv-supra-tribe2.jpg


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