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AMS Performance 2020+ Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - NOW AVAILABLE

AMS Performance

Aftermarket Company

Lightweight and aesthetically appealing, the AMS Performance 2020+ Toyota GR Supra Carbon Fiber Engine Cover is engineered to give your B58 engine a high-performance look while shedding over half of the weight. The engine cover has been massaged into a sleeker design from the factory piece. 100% real carbon fiber construction saves valuable weight while holding up to the heat in high performance engine bays.


For more information, please DM me or visit us at amsperformance.com


Sucks that engine covers are needed to cover up the rats nest in engine bays these days, but if you need to use one, at least this cover looks simple and clean.

AMS Performance

Aftermarket Company
You're not wrong, you should see our Supra now that we have a dozen sensors wired in to our AiM dash for data acquisition. Rat nest city.

But we designed the cover to be more simplistic. Gets rid of the fish gills on the driver's side that is typically there on OE style covers.

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