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AC Schnitzer launches Supra MKV program



Yes, the same AC Schnitzer we all know from their fame in the German car world. One of the benefits of the new Supra using mostly BMW parts is that we're seeing tuners from the Toyota scene AND the BMW scene offering parts for the A90. There will be no shortage of quality aftermarket parts for this car.

For this new program, upgraded power will come in the form of a tune and exhaust, bumping the power level up to 400hp. Not a massive jump considering what others in the market are doing, but it appears they are focusing on an all around performance increase rather than getting caught up in the horsepower battles. They're even using an exhaust system with silencers, and the system works with the factory gasoline particulate filters - which differs from most other aftermarket solutions.

Handling improvements will be achieved through their RS Coilover kit, or their optional lowering spring kit that go with the standard adaptive dampers. Ride height drops 25mm with the coilovers, or by 15mm with the spring kit. They'll offer a couple different 20" wheel options to choose from.

As with all AC Schnitzer packages, you'll find they have plenty of styling bits inside and out to go along with the performance, including aero pieces.

To see more, click here: https://www.ac-schnitzer.de/en/toyota/toyota-gr-supra/toyota-gr-supra.html





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