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    2020 Supra - Leaking fluid from differential - Stock - ~1600 miles

    Wonder if @Zupraman will have some feedback.
  2. SupraTribe.com

    Welcome to SupraTribe!

    Hey Eduardo, just a quick suggestion, you might want to use the term "key fob" on your product page - will likely help your SEO rankings.
  3. SupraTribe.com

    Welcome to SupraTribe!

    Welcome! Do you have pricing established for the keyfob?
  4. SupraTribe.com

    A90 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel - PreOrder now!

    @TitanMotorsports - are you able to post costs publicly yet?
  5. SupraTribe.com

    Welcome to SupraTribe!

    Welcome Paul! I added 2021 so you can select it for the profile ;) Looking forward to seeing some photos when it arrives. ;)
  6. SupraTribe.com

    2020 “toothless” nocturnal Launch edition

    Don't know of anyone personally, but there are a few turbo kits out there. And for intake, you can't go wrong with AMS: https://www.supratribe.com/topics/ams-performance-carbon-fiber-intake.206/ I'd also recommend contacting them to discuss turbo options.
  7. SupraTribe.com

    2020 “toothless” nocturnal Launch edition

    Nice - what are the plans for this build?
  8. SupraTribe.com

    Welcome to SupraTribe!

    Welcome Jim - be sure to create a vehicle profile when you get a chance. ;)
  9. SupraTribe.com

    MAPerformance - Project: Supra

    Thanks for the update Daelen! Be sure to update the thread when pricing becomes available. ;)
  10. SupraTribe.com

    Kelford Cams

    Thanks for sharing!
  11. SupraTribe.com

    AWE Launches Exhaust System for MKV Supra

    AWE Tuning, known more for their european make performance products, is diving head first into the A90 Supra market with their new line of exhaust systems. Their new Touring Edition and Track Edition exhaust systems should gain some attention from Supra owners. More info here...
  12. SupraTribe.com

    CravenSpeed Tow Hook GoPro Mount

    That's awesome. Hopefully we see some track/lap day footage posted from some Supra owners :)
  13. SupraTribe.com

    Your experiences at the drag strip with the MKV Supra?

    Have you taken your A90 to the drag strip? What were your take aways? What advice would you give to others who are getting ready to take their Supra to the strip? Reply here and share your insights.
  14. SupraTribe.com

    Photos and Videos of your MKV Supra on a road course

    Have any photos or videos from an HPDE day or open track event with your A90? Reply here and post them for others to see. Here's a shot of the AMS test car on track:
  15. SupraTribe.com

    Have you done any HPDE days in your MKV Supra?

    How did it perform? What did you learn about the car from taking it to the track? Any advice for others who are planning on doing a track day in their A90? Please share all your Supra MKV track day experiences in this forum.
  16. SupraTribe.com

    2021 Supra Engine Options/Changes

    If you spend time on FB, you've likely been inundated with all the complaints and trolling. :rolleyes:
  17. SupraTribe.com

    2021 Supra Engine Options/Changes

    This is going to ruffle some feathers.... from what hearing, the new 6 cylinder engine option comes from the BMW Z4, which uses a different cylinder head design than the 2020 Supra. Why is that noteworthy? It may mean that some of the aftermarket parts that have been developed for the first year...
  18. SupraTribe.com

    Powerneedy Motorsports Downpipes!

    Do you have any apples to apples comparisons for HP gains between your downpipe vs stock? With a tune and without maybe? It's one of the first things everyone seems to ask so I figured I'd ask for them.
  19. SupraTribe.com

    Powerneedy Motorsports Downpipes!

    Do you have a link to your product page so people can see pricing?