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    Your experiences at the drag strip with the MKV Supra?

    Have you taken your A90 to the drag strip? What were your take aways? What advice would you give to others who are getting ready to take their Supra to the strip? Reply here and share your insights.
  2. SupraTribe.com

    Photos and Videos of your MKV Supra on a road course

    Have any photos or videos from an HPDE day or open track event with your A90? Reply here and post them for others to see. Here's a shot of the AMS test car on track:
  3. SupraTribe.com

    Have you done any HPDE days in your MKV Supra?

    How did it perform? What did you learn about the car from taking it to the track? Any advice for others who are planning on doing a track day in their A90? Please share all your Supra MKV track day experiences in this forum.
  4. SupraTribe.com

    2021 Supra Engine Options/Changes

    If you spend time on FB, you've likely been inundated with all the complaints and trolling. :rolleyes:
  5. SupraTribe.com

    2021 Supra Engine Options/Changes

    This is going to ruffle some feathers.... from what hearing, the new 6 cylinder engine option comes from the BMW Z4, which uses a different cylinder head design than the 2020 Supra. Why is that noteworthy? It may mean that some of the aftermarket parts that have been developed for the first year...
  6. SupraTribe.com

    Powerneedy Motorsports Downpipes!

    Do you have any apples to apples comparisons for HP gains between your downpipe vs stock? With a tune and without maybe? It's one of the first things everyone seems to ask so I figured I'd ask for them.
  7. SupraTribe.com

    Powerneedy Motorsports Downpipes!

    Do you have a link to your product page so people can see pricing?
  8. SupraTribe.com

    Titan Motorsports and the MKV Supra - A Perfect Match

    Thanks for providing us with access to your operations. We look forward to sharing more exclusive info about Titan Motorsports in the future. ;)
  9. SupraTribe.com

    Powerneedy Motorsports Supra

    Looking forward to seeing some build updates for this car. ;)
  10. SupraTribe.com

    Cusco Harness Bar for MKV Supra

    Cusco is offering a "Power Brace Rear Trunk bar Plus" for the A90 Supra platform: More info: https://www.cusco.co.jp/en/product_info/toyota_gr_supra_a90db_type_pow.html
  11. SupraTribe.com

    Cusco MKV Supra Seat Braces

    Cusco has announced seat braces for the A90 Supra. Product Number: 1C2-492-SPR More info: https://www.cusco.co.jp/en/product_info/toyota_gr_supra_a90db_type_pow.html
  12. SupraTribe.com

    Titan Motorsports and the MKV Supra - A Perfect Match

    When the MKV Supra finally hit the production line there was no doubt that Titan Motorsports would be offering parts for the platform. Their copper colored A80 Supra drag race car has become a legend over the years. Every die hard Supra enthusiast knew that no amount of controversy surrounding...
  13. SupraTribe.com

    Titan Motorsports and the MKV Supra - A Perfect Match

    Making more power and making cars faster down the track has always been a big part of Titan’s DNA, and they know their way around a Toyota Supra.
  14. SupraTribe.com

    My ZUPRA90 build ;)

    $900 might be a lot for springs, but this isn't just a set of springs. It also comes with a perch kit that allows for ride height adjustment similar to the kits Ground Control has been making for years. And those GC kits cost more than springs too... not as much as this kit, but this kit might...
  15. SupraTribe.com

    AMS Performance - Carbon Fiber Intake

    Damn that looks good. How long was the development process on this?
  16. SupraTribe.com

    AMS Performance - Carbon Fiber Intake

    Very nice looking! Well done.
  17. SupraTribe.com

    Seibon VS-Style Carbon Fiber Hood for the A90 Supra

    Some photos from Seibon for the Supra MKV: https://seiboncarbon.com/products/hd20tysup-vs-ds.html?fbclid=IwAR2lhwMHpetmvixgYs07BXXK1S8xbq_L2qOIkZoRKQofBt1f6SXNs6_Kx20
  18. SupraTribe.com

    AMS Performance - CSG Spec A90 pads now available!

    This will be nice for those who might otherwise be considering swapping in track pads for track days, and then switching back to street pads afterwards. Not sure how many A90 track enthusiasts are doing this but it's common in other communities.
  19. SupraTribe.com

    AMS Performance 2020+ Toyota Supra Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - NOW AVAILABLE

    Sucks that engine covers are needed to cover up the rats nest in engine bays these days, but if you need to use one, at least this cover looks simple and clean.
  20. SupraTribe.com

    2020 GL Supra

    Any plans in mind for modifications?