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Trim Level
Launch Edition
Absolute Zero White
We took delivery of our Absolute White Launch Edition in Iowa and minutes later we were in full development mode to offer components from us and our partners. We hope you enjoy all of the builds here at SupraTribe!

Exhaust Projects: 1. Track Edition Single Exit MKIV Style (single resonator loud) 2. Single Exit OG1 MKIV Style (resonator and muffler) Performance Street Exhaust 3. Dual Exit (resonator and dual muffler) Street Exhaust. 4. Single Center Fascia Exit Exhaust

Down Pipe Development: 1. Down pipe Budget 2. Down pipe Race

Tuning Program: 1. Fully Flash ECU Tune 2. Tuner Box (signal interruption style)

Aero Packages:
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Our TRACK EDITION SINGLE EXIT MKIV STYLE CAT BACK IS READY! We're going to enjoy our builds and at the same time provide some fun solutions for our customers. The Track Edition cat back was designed to be mean and pretty darn loud! It has what we believe is the best acceleration sounding exhaust out there and being factory metal in 3.5" diameter it's ultra-affordable at $799 (introductory pricing). https://www.suprastore.com/20a90mkvsusi.html

Hand-crafted in Arizona at 3.5" in diameter the Track Edition Cat Back has outstanding fitment from the down pipe back and exits out through the passenger rear factory side utilizing a near factor brushed tip. It is fitted with a 3.5" diameter race muffler/resonator located as close to the front center line as possible and that is the only sound dampening in the entire system.

We love the single exit exhaust and understand that this is absolutely not for everyone, but many already love the heritage of the MKIV single exit styling. It is loud, deep and mean sounding and yes, it has some drone around 1900 rpm, but it's a Track Edition exhaust that has a moderate idle sound and a wild wide open throaty sound, especially in Sport Mode. We've eliminated the exhaust flapper valve near the passenger exit of the factory exhaust, but the exhaust note still quiets down in the non Sport mode do to changes in the computer settings. We love it !!

Because the valve has been eliminated from the factory exhaust we include a simple plug in connector to the factory connection (near the original valve in the rear) which eliminates the possibility of any CEL's. It's included in the price of the system.

Your exhaust will be shipped within 3-5 days of order directly from us in Arizona.


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